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I've been working as an adult entertainer for about six years, and have discovered a purpose beyond the profit motive in my choice of profession. I've been told that I am both engaging and intriguing in any assortment of company, that I'm expertly versed in the art of conversation, and that my attitude is genuine and refreshing to be around. I am talented at immediately striking up conversations with new people upon meeting them, engaging a wide range of personalities and tastes that comes from a place of sincerity and integrity, despite the range of differences and diversity in the amount of individuals being considered. I accredit this to one, my experience, and two, my genuine enjoyment in the underworld of adult adventures. Without my honest passion for discovering new avenues of people and personalities I may still be 'good at' what I do, but my genuine appreciation and interest in who you are as a person would come off as quite the opposite, as many women in the adult entertainment industry have built a reputation to have. It comes from their having no choice but to do this to make whatever ends their lifestyle demands meet. Unfortunately, without the affirmative choice involved, their entire outlook on their day to day lives, including their demeanor in their professional relationships, is thus tainted. Not mine.
I am a normal person. I would say normal girl, but even that is placing a label I wish not to be limited by on myself. I am dynamic and eclectic. I am curious and opinionated. I have all the answers and I don't have a clue. I believe laughter is the cure for cancer.

A little about my appearance... I'm 5'8, toned with lightly tanned super-soft skin, 36D-26-38, shoulder-length brunette hair, and a face with a likeness of Angelina Jolie ;) But looks, while I do have them, are only skin deep, and they aren't what has made my reputation legendary. I have deep connections and have completely drama-free relationships with everyone I meet, keeping things professional yet laid back.



Enlightened Escort

Conscious Courtesan

While I have six years of top notch providing experience to draw from, there is a new style of service that I will be implementing from here on out. I know what you must be thinking: "Angelica! Why change what is already perfect?" (Lol jk) All joking aside, tho, this is actually kind of a big change. Let me give you a little back story first, so you can understand how fundamental this change is.

I was raised roman catholic, however I stopped believing any kind of dogma or religion as early as 13. By 18, I had done extensive research on my own of the world's major religions, popular & unpopular, and that eventually brought me to studying mysticism and spirituality, divorced from religion. That further brought me to find the spiritual teacher Eckhart Tolle and his critically acclaimed book "The Power of Now". While the teachings didn't sink in at the time, I always kept the book with me, as well as a few others that professed and expressed the concept of becoming spiritually awakened. I had a few years of dealing with some intense trauma and other unfortunate series of events that made me believe that attaining enlightenment wasn't meant for me.

I was wrong.

It was, in fact, the great trauma I experienced that became my greatest teacher. And earlier this year, things slowly began to change at the deepest level, unbeknownst to me at the time what was happening or why I was acting differently. Then, almost suddenly, a couple weeks into summer this year, it happened. I came into my true self. The old mental-emotional patterns ingrained into neuro-nets of my brain via past conditioning are being actively dismantled through the deep peace and awareness that hasn't left me since my "waking up". I now know myself to be one with all there is. You and I are not separate, despite what our material selves may indicate. The closest one can get to ending duality in the world of form is though intimacy, and is one of the reasons why I love doing what I do.

One of the first things I started doing differently after this experience was begin to wean down off of a pain management medication (methadone) that I have been on for a few years after a horrible car accident almost 6 years ago. I was prescribed a very high pain med that I was kept on for about 2 years. I was referred to a methadone program after I tried kicking it on my own, becoming so sick I thought I was dying and visiting the hospital. Now, I'm already more than halfway down from where I started (currently 40mg) but one of the keys to managing this weaning down process without experiencing unnecessarily intense withdrawl symptoms is not exerting myself physically. In my new state of deep peace this has been to accept and even enjoy the slow pace of my life right now... however to an onlooker I'm sure it would look like my career is grinding to a near halt. The volume of clientele I see has had to be reduced even more (before the accident I was able to tour and see up to 5 clients in a day; however the energy and focus it takes to be that productive is taken away as one of the side effects of methadone, limiting me to one, max 2 a day).

Since this is now the case for the next few months until I'm completely off it, I've been wondering what I should keep to myself, and what I should tell my clientele. It's usually not a provider's place to burden her lovers with the woes and stress of her life situation. I didn't want to give anyone the impression that by sharing my current affairs I'm seeking to gain anything from anyones sympathy. In fact, I am currently in the happiest state of being I have ever been at any other time in my life. Truly.

What I now know I want to do is to share the peace I have attained with anyone out there who is seeking. Seeking anything; love, fulfillment, relief, joy, happieness, peace. I'll be one of the best kinds of "providers" out there, simply because I will be truly ego-less when we are together. When I listen to you I will be fully present, with no judgement, comment or opinion, just my full, unadultered attention. My complete acceptance of the present moment, no matter the form it takes, means I have no expectations of that moment or of the forms in it. I will still, of course, screen and choose who I believe will be a good match with me, but beyond the verification, your experience with me will be shaped only by your unique desires and needs.

Along with the usual GFE services, I now will also make myself available for therapy type sessions, doubling as an awakening teacher. Not that I am a licensed professional by any means, but since I have attained a radical shift in my awareness, I want to use this gift to serve those around me. And what better way to use this than with a profession I already adore? I want to bring the beauty and love of the universe, god, or whatever semantics you feel comfortable with, to your world if you would so desire. In fact, I now believe someone who is both a provider and spiritual teacher is in a uniquely advantageous position because as a provider (and a very good one

I am already deeply connected to my lover in a very intimate way, the closest one can get to non-duality on the level of form. This trust and connection you share with me lowers the walls we usually have separating ourselves from the onslaught of stress and separateness we receive from the world. Just being around a spiritually awakened individual is like a log that is placed next to one who is already burning fiercely. It would only be a matter of time before the other log catches fire, even though the logs aren't touching one another. Imagine, now, that the two ends of the logs are touching each other, or lying side by side, pressed against one another. The new log will be catching fire much quicker. This is the fire I want to share with you.

For every new client, I will have a gift of either The Power of Now, or A New Earth (also by Eckhart) on CD, MP3, or a hard copy, and will be a willing teacher and confidant for all who are seeking. This will of course be optional, my only goal here is to be the peace I want to see in the world. Not everyone is ready to receive such offerings however, so it most certainly won't be required.

As for other announcements: The past few weeks have kept me from getting back to my emails, partly due to a last minute 2-week vacation/booking, and then becoming sick for a week immediately after returning, but also because I needed a break to reasses where I want to go from here. By the time I have weaned down completely I'll be going to the Crossroads Ibogaine Treatment Center in Tijuana for a week-long ultimate detox & Ibogaine therapy to compliment my slow withdrawl from methadone. This treatment was the original reason I made the "pre-package" program for, however, I'll likely keep them available indefinitely. There are currently two types, one is specifically for the treatment & session credits wont be able to be used until after the treatment is completed. The other type is simply not for the treatment so the sessions can be used right away :) I also think its a good time to raise my honorarium back to 400/hr. Its been about a year since I started down here, and the volume of requests I'm receiving is just too much! Even if I saw a larger volume of clientele I would still be swamped with correspondence that I can't handle all by myself. If you have seen me more than once in my year here, you're qualified to be locked in at the former rate.

Anyway! This will also be posted on my website. If you have emailed me without a response, please text me and let me know, and I'll go thru and find yours right away. I honestly might just reset everything and create a brand-new email account as well. I feel a great need to shed my former identity for one that is truly selfless. Once I ultimately decide what to do I will post an update.
Thank you for reading!

Name: Angelica Amore
Main City: Chicago, IL
Sex: Female
Sex Preference: Straight
Body Type: Toned
Measurements: 34DD-24-36
Height: 5' 7"
Weight: 130 lbs
Race/Ethnic: White
Age: 24
Availability: Incalls/Outcalls
1st Language: English
Eye Color: Hazel
Hair Color: Brunette
Hair Type: Straight
Hair Length: Neck-Length
Body Piercings: None
Breast Implants: Yes
Grooming: Trimmed
Tattoos?: One
Smokes?: No
Porn Star?: Used to be
Available to: Men, Women, Couples, Threesomes, B/G, B/G/G, B/B/G, G/G, D/P, Interracial, Group, Solo, Anal, Solo, Film for Private Pollection, Exotic Dancing, Nude Modeling



It's been almost a year since I moved to Bloomington, and I'm nearing the end of a time-constraining, healing process that will allow me to travel extensively again once it's complete. The original reason I came to Bloomington was to be with my family (my Mother is a doctor) as I was going through this process. I also reduced the volume of clientele I see to one a day max, and only worked a few days a week, so my work load has mostly been aimed at just getting me through this healing period. However, I am now nearing the end of that process (in a few more months) and in anticipation of that, I'm raising my Bloomington/Normal rate back up to 400. If you've already seen me (or have been screened) by me before 11/1 then you are LOCKED IN at the former rate! 

Once I begin touring (after the healing process is complete) I will be starting at 400 in every new city and increasing it by $25 with every subsequent visit to that area. Gents will also similarly be locked in at their varied rates as well, and I eventually want to be doing the same here until, ultimately, I'm able to stop advertising completely. Since I have now established my quality I've experienced lately such massive waves of emails that they've become too much to handle. I'll get multiple emails from people asking why I haven't responded to them yet since it takes me a few days to respond sometimes, and my inbox is constantly full of at minimum 50 new emails, up to 300 some days, so sometimes I just can't help it. I don't have an assistant, and with my small volume limit I have no choice but to raise it back up. Please do not email me asking for access to the former rate. Please do not complain, for any reason, about the increase or you will likely be ignored. 

The prices listed are for time elapsed that I spend with you only. Nothing else is guaranteed, promised or contracted. Any suggestion of quid pro quo, or request of illegal services in exchange for funds, goods or services is strictly forbidden and will result in disqualification of meeting me. 


Rate Session Service Details
$400 1hr Incalls/Outcalls GFE Now only available for regular Clientele
$600 USD 90min Incalls/Outcalls Required Minimum for New Clients
$800 2hrs Incalls/Outcalls GFE Recommended for New Clients
$1000 USD 3hrs Incalls/Outcalls
$1200 USD 4hrs Incalls/Outcalls Dinner Date (meal first with intimacy following)
$1500 USD 6hrs Incalls/Outcalls Extended Dinner Date (includes meal & other diversion, such as a show, sporting event, etc)


When booking an appointment with me, taking the time to find out what my schedule is, ahead of time, saves time for us both! Time is a very valuable thing, and I happen to value it greatly! While I'm not always able to have my calendar completely reflective of my hourly schedule, since new bookings are always being made, it will always reflect what city I am currently in, and the current plans for where I plan to be. 

I have toured across the United States and I'm eager to bein touring internationally this year as well. Any future trips will be announced in the various forums & directories I'm registered with/listed on, so if travel plans needed to be cancelled and/or postponned for any reason, you can find an updated current version here. If I have yet to visit your city you're still more than welcome to submit a screening form with a request for my presence in your town someday (any emails sent from unverified persons asking for visits will be ignored; those who submit a screening form in addition to their request will be considered only!) 

Once you're ready to book your session, its best to include 2 or more different times/days that are possible times for you that fit your schedule(one is still acceptable, however). It would also be advisable to give a short description of what your time constraints/situation is, i.e. your work schedule, wheather or not your flexible with your chosen time, etc. This hastens the process of coordinating my schedule during the day & greatly increases my ability to cater to your exact needs. The more detailed and specific you are the better!

Days Times Location Comments
Monday-Friday 10am-10pm Incalls Generally available in Bloomington/Normal
Saturday & Sunday 8am-11pm/12am Incalls/Outcalls Available in Chicago-land 1-2 weekends/month (varies)


Exclusive Offers

Pre-Purchase Program


Clients may pre-purchase appointment packages for reduced pricing according to the size of the package.

1,000---- 4 1hr's/ 2 1hr's & 1 2hr/2 2hr's

2,000---- 4 1hr's & 2 2hr's/1 4hr & 1 2hr & 3 1hr's/2 4hr & 1 2hr/1 ovrnite & 2 1hr's

3,000 & 4,000----- Custom Packages 


The Pre-Purchase Program has been established to offer regular clientele an incentive for 'buying in bulk' in an effort to raise money for a life-changing treatment I am currently working toward raising the funds for (paying out of pocket). I already have at least half of what I am aiming to raise so this will be a temporary thing for now, however, a similar buy-in-bulk special offer may be available for established, semi-regular clientele.


Good things come to those to plan ahead!


All bookings made at least 24hrs ahead of time will receive a $25 discount to their total donation.


Long-distance Travellers


Anyone commuting from Peoria, Champagine or Springfield are entitled to a $50 discount for their gas and time traveled. It is NOT to be duplicated when booking multiple hours, it's $50 only per appointment.


Thank you for taking the time to read my etiquette page. Please don't hesitate to contact me with any unanswered questions or concerns. You may find an answer to your inquiry on my F.AQ. Page as well. 

I do not like speaking on the phone with people I have not met before. If you are serious about booking an appointment with me you'll save both my time and yours if you fill out my screening form completely. Screening forms that incomplete are deleated.

I require anyone and everyone that hasn't been screened to be screened before I confirm or deny any part of my schedule, my whereabouts, or any of the typical questions that are emailed to me. When I receive these I feel compelled to be the kind person I am and answer, but 99% of the time I just ignore it. If you're lucky, I'll reply with a link to this page so that you get the hint; I will NOT converse with ANY unverified individuals! If you can't figure out how to book with me from the clear and concise directions I've posted here then I'm not interested in meeting you.

That being said, when we have begun communication, specify whether call, text, or email is your preferred method. The only reason I use my work phone is to receive texts or calls from clients confirming that they are on their way to my incall and when they arrive, or for outcalls when I'm notifying them that I'm leaving and when I arrive. I don't care to talk on the phone, and with the hacker technology in existance today, girls like me are often targeted by malicious individuals both in their mother's basements AND in law enforcement; plus there isn't anything you can't say to me in an email that you would be able to say during a phone call. Those who insist on speaking to me after reading this can only have hidden motives. You can call a service if you want to have phone sex as it is not something I provide.

Do not send explicit texts in any way, even after we've met, doing so will result in blacklisting you for good. Please do not assume you can text me with 'small talk' or ask me how I'm doing apart from being cordial while asking if you can book an appointment. I am not a girlfriend. It can be hard to understand this for the majority of my lovers because I provide a very refined & 'real' experience; while my passion for life and providing is genuinely real, it doesn't reflect my drive for professionalism. You wouldn't text your doctor or lawyer asking her how she was doing, unless of course you were hitting on her and/or desiring to pursue a relationship. While I'm flattered, truly, to receive as many of these types of texts as I do, I receive many. And it started taking up my entire day, when I already have hours of preparation I need to do daily to run my business effciently. So please, 

When booking, please understand that same day appointments are only likely to happen when I post ads for those days. If I am to deliver the quality of service as expressed in my top-of-the-line reviews, then a great amount of time and preparation MUST be taken to ensure those services delivered as promised. If I don't have any current ads up, I am likely not working and enjoying my life in other ways (though I do LOVE my job!) If you are horny at the time you call and are looking for a 'quicky' as soon as possible, and are expecting the amazing experience I am famous for delivering when I happen to be just rolling out of bed, then you are encouraged to keep looking.

Please use just one mode of communication. If you email me the same paragraph of text on a TER pm, a personal email, and in a text, I get annoyed quickly.  

An Escort is not a prostitute and therefore does not sell sex. 'Real world' people often make this simple mistaken assumption, so let me clarify; I sell the experience of having the perfect girlfriend, and the time elapsed is the only thing that is sold. An Escort simply sells the time they spend with their clients and does not charge them for sexual acts. However, what happens whilst accompanied by an Escort is entirely between two or more consenting adults who share similar likes and interests. It does not guarantee anything more than my presence. This is specifically what sets me apart from prostuites, and furthermore other 'gfe' escorts. As reflected in my top-notch reviews, I provide experiences that are described as 'once in a lifetime' and 'forgot it was a service'. 

People who attempt to associate sex with a fee whilst conversing with me could possibly working for Government agencies, Police departments or are soliciting hookers. Talking about fees for sexual acts will only piss me off and end any further communication with you.

On the first meeting with me make sure to leave the agreed fee for my services in plain view for me to see and don't be surprised if I take a moment to count it (wouldn't you if our positions were reversed?).

While in my company you find that you share the same interests and are attracted to me, then it is up to you to make the first physical contact! I am not permitted to touch you until you make the first move. Failing to do so means you will remain untouched for the duration. I will leave with my fee when it's time to go.

Hygiene: I am always immaculately groomed and expect the same in return. Please shower prior to us meeting ~ you're always welcome to shower at my place, I may even join you! I always provide a brand new toothbrush, toothpaste & mouthwash for you to use. Use it.

Let me know if you are running late or need to cancel. I understand things happen (life is life) but please let me know as soon as possible, I will always do the same.

PLEASE DO NOT be early for inservice appointments. One more time, because this rule is broken often. DO NOT SHOW UP EARLY. IT BUGS THE HELL OUT OF ME. 

Hope to meet you soon :)




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